Maxime Gagné

Creating a Customer Oriented Web Application

Kratchanov Photography

  • Industry: Creative
Created an interactive web application website from a static webpage for an independent and freelance photographer.

Project Requirements

  • Create log-in profiles for customers, allowing them to have access the pictures taken of them in real time.
  • Ensure that pictures taken by the photographer can be directly uploaded onto their website and towards the correct customer.

Technologies Used

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript & React
  • Back-end: Python & Django Rest Framework
  • Hosting Server: AWS

Project Overview

I was hired to ensure that the photographer’s website could be hosted on a web server as it was previously a static website. In line with the needs of my client, I was able to make sure that their customers could create accounts on this website and consult the pictures taken of them as soon as they were available.

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