Maxime Gagné

Maxime Gagné

Software Developer / DBA
Business Intelligence Developer
I’m a software developer as well as a DBA/BI Developer specializing in frontend and backend software development. I am also experienced in data science, specializing in analytics. Want to know how I may help your project? Check out my project portfolio and online resume.
Company: 12172127 Canada Inc.
Languages: English, French, Japanese, Chinese/Mandarin (Beginner)


Python & Django

Python & Django is the programming language with which I am most proficient, having used it for over 3 years. Used in the past for a variety of purposes, including the building of Rest APIs as well as for structuring data.

Business Intelligence

I have years of experience manipulating data, dealing with cube and reporting solutions with Excel, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS & Power BI. I also have experience with TSQL, DAX, MDX query languages.

Vanilla JavaScript

Having experience working with Vanilla JavaScript for over two years, I have used it in the past to build, animate, and organise websites for a variety of purposes.

SQL Server, Azure & AWS

I hold a certification in the Microsoft SQL Server, specializing especially in BI development and DBA. I have repeatedly utilised Azure & AWS to host websites and diverse projects.

.NET Core & C#

Although not the main programming language or framework used, I am proficient in the usage of ASP.NET and C# to construct projects and Rest APIs.


Programming language that I worked with repeatedly in academic and formation settings.


OS that I frequently use to host the databases that are necessary for my projects as well as for their overall construction.

Office & VBA

Thoroughly acquainted with all of the components of the Office suite, particularly in the construction of projects using software such as Microsoft Excel. VBA often complemented my use of Office software.

Angular, React & Vue

Used these frameworks to complete the frontend programming of my projects, including but not limited to Rest APIs.


Frequently applied PHP in an academic setting and in formations, with an emphasis on the communication between the database and the programming backend.


Created websites and webpages through these languages.